Stoney Park and Billabong Zoo – Koala And Wildlife Park – Australia Update #2

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Hey World!

I’ve had another great couple of days here at Stoney Park. Al Limbrick, from England,  who has a house at Stoney Park, invited a few of us over for dinner. It was great to have a home cooked meal and relax and catch up with Al and a few other skiers. Below is a picture from that night. From left to right, Al Limbrick, myself, Brooks Wilson, Corey Vaughn, my dad Steve and Will Lhommelett from France.


The Port Macquarie area has been in a water drought much like it is back home in California. They have not been getting much rain and the lakes at Stoney Park opporate off of rain water. They have been pumping water in from a brackish river in order to have the lakes skiable. The lakes are still vary shallow and you have to be careful dropping and getting up at each end; especially since it is hard pan at the bottom. Some skiers have already dinged their fins. The tournament is only a few more days so skiers are starting to show up and take practice rides to get ready for the 2014 Australian Open. I will be posting running orders and info about the event in my Australia Update #3.

The other day my dad and I went into town to the Billabong Zoo – Koala and Wildlife Park.  This park is Port Macquarie’s World Renowned Koala Breeding Centre. We were able to see a variety of Australian and exotic animals. I had some fun videoing the animals with my Liquid Image Ego Camera. We were able to get up close with kangaroos and see a massive crocodile that was 4.6 meters long (about 14 feet).  Below is a video compiled of pictures and videos from our day at the park. The park used twists to American Movies to name their areas. For example: Jurassic Pond and Jungle Bird.


baby salt water crocodile


4.6 meter (about 14 feet) long crocodile named Shrek


Shrek under water ready to jump out and grab some food

20140225_121631 20140225_105646


Brian DetrickStoney Park and Billabong Zoo – Koala And Wildlife Park – Australia Update #2