SoCal Trip: Imperial Record

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Imperial Lakes

Imperial Lakes

This past weekend I flew down to Southern California for the Imperial Record; the last record capability tournament on the West Coast in 2013. Imperial Lakes are about 90 minutes east of San Diego; 20 minutes West of El Centro. For the first time in a while, my dad joined me on the trip for a little father son bonding. I had been looking forward to this event and had been skiing well, but I came down with a cold last Wednesday and it is still kicking my butt. I am hoping I will be over it in time for this weekend’s event in Orlando.


Erika Lang sets pending women’s world trick record – 10,180 points

This event was a three event record; 3 rounds of Slalom and 2 rounds of trick and jump. This tournament is always able to pull in some great skiers. For Open Men there was myself, Nate Smith, Nick Parson, Tyler Yager, Parker Staver, Steven Brooks, Open Women Erika Lang and Masters Men Scott Larson and Dave Miller. Erika Lang set a pending world record in women’s trick; tricking 10,180pts. She is the 2nd women to ever trick 10,000 points and this is the most points a female has ever tricked. Her dad told me she still has more tricks to add into her run and that her goal is to be at 11,000 by this time next year!!! Her brother Nick Lang wasn’t to be out done as he set a Boys 3 Jump Best of the West Record; jumping 174ft. Nate ran 1/2@43, Nicky P ran 2.5@41, I ran 1.5@41, Tyler ran 3.5@39, Parker 1.5@39, Dave ran 2.5@41 and Scott ran 2@41.

Here is the video of Erika Lang’s pending women’s world trick record run


Centurion Pro Skiers Brian Detrick and Nick Parsons with the Centurion Carbon Pro

The Centurion Carbon Pro was used for 2 out of the 3 slalom rounds. Chris De Vito set a personal best of 2@38off behind the Carbon Pro. This was the first time he ran 35! Congrats Chris!! Alex Gaharan tied his personal best, 2@22off 34mph, and a few others ran their pb behind the CP as well! Pacific Slalom was out at the event as well. They had a full line of ski products; skis, gloves, ropes, vests, bindings, apparel, etc. Chez of Pacific Slalom always supports the local tournaments and has product on site to make it convenient to get your skiing products. You can also purchase product through their website –

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 1.45.04 PM

Pacific Slalom

Imperial Lakes put on a great event! They had an awesome dinner Saturday night with Chris De Vito’s band, Blonde Brothers, playing throughout the night. On our way back Sunday night to fly out of San Diego, the De Vito’s suggested we stop by Brigantine Seafood for their fish tacos. We were not disappointed!!! It was an amazing meal and the best fish tacos I have ever had!!

Overall, it was a great weekend of skiing with a great group of people and great company with my dad. I fly out this Thursday for the Orlando Extreme Watersports Fest. This will be the last tournament in 2013 for me.


Brian DetrickSoCal Trip: Imperial Record