My 23rd Birthday / Aussie Terminology – Australia Update #4

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Hey World!

After the Australian Open, I flew down to Melbourne in order to get some quality Moomba training. I’m staying with a friend of mine from college, Louella Tomlinson, who is from Melbourne. The first night happened to be my birthday so we decided to go to Port Melbourne to celebrate my 23rd bday. We met up with a few of my skiing friends:

England’s Dan Oliver, Belarus’ Aliaksei Zharnasek – current World Trick Record Holder, Australia’s Chelsea Scott and two of her friends. It was fun celebrating my birthday for the first time in a different country! 

Thank you again to everyone who sent birthday wishes my way!

After being down under for over two weeks now, I’m starting to get use to the Aussie terminology. At times I definitely feel that they have their own language because I can’t understand what they are saying. Here are some of the words I have learned over the past few weeks. Hope you enjoy!

AUSTRALIA verse U.S. words
mate = friend or anyone who isn’t family
verandah = porch
ute = truck
chips = fries
biscut = crackers
heap = a lot
avo = afternoon
grog = alcohol
servo = gas station
bin = trash
dingy or tinny = pick up boat
mozzies = mosquito
spud = potatoe
chewy = gum
trolley = shopping cart
reccon = I think
jumper = sweatshirt/hoody
boy = buoy
nappy = diaper
wranger = red head
cuppa = cup
barbie = barbeque
snags = sausages
shelia = women
bloke = man
cozzies = speedos
G’day = good day
que = line
indicator = turn signal
dummy = passafire
dunny or loo = toilet
basin = bathroom sink
esky = cooler
lollies = candy
durries = cigarettes
doona = comforter
tomatoe sauce = ketchup
car boot = trunk
bonnet = car hood
petrol = gasoline
tap = Fawcett
flogged = stole
bum = butt
robe = closet
capsicums = bell peppers

Brian DetrickMy 23rd Birthday / Aussie Terminology – Australia Update #4