STRIVE Announces Their Sponsorship With Brian Detrick

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CARMICHAEL, CA – May 6, 2013 Knowmor Inc. dba STRIVE is proud to be the most recent sponsor of Brian Detrick, a home grown world class athlete who found us recently at the January 2013 SacTown Throwdown CrossFit event. Brian had been recovering from years of muscle spasm and pain which finally peaked after a recent transportation injury in the fall of 2012, forcing him to cut his competition schedule short. At STRIVE (our Sports Division of Functional Bowen) we recognized Brian’s muscle dysfunction and subsequent restrictions. We believe that”Muscle balance and symmetry equal improved form, agility and speed”. STRIVE stands for Striving To Reach Individual Versatile Excellence. We hope to demonstrate that the “ultimate experience in athletic achievement can be reached through optimal structural muscle balance”.  We have partnered with Brian because unlike other competitive athletes we see, his sport is unique in its’ multidirectional opposition to gravitational forces. Structural musculosketal balance is essential in enabling the competitor to maintain a correct posture which flows with all components of the event and assists in the prevention of injury when and if gravity wins. We at STRIVE hope to provide Brian the cutting edge in his own “Versatile Excellence” and hope to enable him to improve his competitive standing through improved muscle balance, proper posture which will promote his best form and increased strength through improved tone and flexibility. 

As Brian himself testifies now ” … this form of therapy is different from others forms of work in that as it focuses on the problem, it produces the kind of muscle release and balance that allows the whole musculature to work together to affect change. The muscles feel more balanced, less achy and able to do more or face harder physical challenges as an athlete. I find now that I am able to push my body to do more extreme work outs without injury. As a professional athlete, I recommend this process because it enables me to compete at the highest level on a world stage.” -Brian Detrick, Professional World Class Water Skier 2012 Water Ski World University Champion, US Team Member, Warrior CrossFit, Elk Grove, California

For more information on STRIVE see us at or call us at 916-834-1711.


Brian DetrickSTRIVE Announces Their Sponsorship With Brian Detrick