Event Recap: 2017 San Gervasio ProAm

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Hey World!

I just got done with a great event in Italy at the 4th Annual San Gervasio ProAm. This was my first time at this event and it did not disappoint. The Jolly Ski site was great, the performances by both men and women were outstanding and the hospitality was amazing!

Below are the results from the 1st preliminary round. The top four scores from round one advanced to the head to head finals and did not have to ski round two. The top four scores from round two advanced to the 8 skier head to head finals.

Round 2 results below for Men’s Slalom.

The Brackets for the Sunday Head to Head finals looked like this.

You can go back and watch the finals thanks to The Water Ski Broadcast Company

Thomas ran 3@41 to beat Carlo’s .5@41
Thibaut ran 6@39 to beat Will’s 0@39
Jon ran 2@41 to beat my 1.5@41
Nate ran 2@41 to beat Brando’s 1.5

Nate ran 5$41 to beat Thomas’s 4@41
Jon ran 2@41 to beat Thibaut’s 1@41

Nate ran 1@43 to beat Jon’s 2@41

I felt good out there during this head to head round. I chose to go first and I ran a nice 39off. I did not get a good gate at 41 and had to pull long just to get to 2 ball. I was stretched out and got pulled to the front of the ski. I didn’t think I had time to S turn still to reduce the amount of slack so I tried to hang on and was ejected from the ski looking like superman again; scoring 1.5@41 off. I knew I needed at least a full 2 to advance. 1.5@41 was not enough as Jon had a good one and S turned two to advance. This put me in 5th Place for the event. I am please with a top 5 finish but feel I had a great chance for more.

1st Nate Smith
2nd Jon Travers
3rd Thomas Degasperi
4th Thibaut Dailland
5th Brian Detrick
6th Brando Caruso
7th Carlo Allais
8th Will Asher

Regina ran 6@38 to beat Alice’s 2@38
Manon ran 4@39 to beat Danyelle’s 2@39
Clementine ran 1@39 to beat Bailey’s 1@39
Alisa ran 5@38 to beat Geenas’s 1.5@38

Regina beat Alise
Manon ran 1@41 to beat Clem’s 2@39

Regina ran 1@41 to beat Manon’s 3@39.

This was a big time head to head final with so many ladies running 38off. It was exciting to see fellow Americans Danyelle Bennett and Bailey Austin bother tie their PB’s in the finals and a HUGE 4th place finish for the Russian, Alisa Shevkunova, in her first pro tour event! Manon Costard’s 1@41 is a NEW European record.

1st Regina Jaquess
2nd Manon Costard
3rd Clem Lucine
4th Alise Shevkunova
5th Danyelle Bennett
6th Bailey Austin
7th Alice Bagnoli
8th Geena Krueger

This was a great event! Thank you to Matteo Luzzeri, Jolly Ski and all of the officials for everything they did to put on this event. I will definitely be back as this event continues to grow! Thank you Italy!!

I am now off to London, England for two more events; Wiremill Pro Elite and Andy Mapple Pro-Am. Tune in for more information about these events, the results and site seeing I am doing.

Brian DetrickEvent Recap: 2017 San Gervasio ProAm