Brian Detrick LIVE With Fox 40’s Eric Rucker

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Hey World!

This morning, February 17, 2014, I was live with Fox 40’s Eric Rucker at my home site, Shortline Lake, in Elk Grove, California. They did a story on me heading down under to Australia and kicking off the 2014 season with the Australian Open and Moomba Masters Events. I was live at 7:45am and 8:45am with Eric Rucker, then an edited taped version during the 5pm show and finally I was in the 6pm and 10pm Sports section with Jim Crandell; directly after the San Francisco Giants clips. Below are three different news segments and a few pictures from the morning shoot. (Videos automatically play, pause each video so they are all not playing at the same time)

California Water Skier Headed to Australia – 7am News

Walking on Water, Water Skier Creating Waves – 8am News

Elk Grove Water Skier Ready For World Stage – 5pm News

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Brian DetrickBrian Detrick LIVE With Fox 40’s Eric Rucker