My 25th Bday / 2014 Australian Open ProAm – Australia Update #3

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Hey World!

I feel a bit older today. Yesterday (in Australia, today back home) was my 25th birthday. I had a great day taking my final ski ride before the 2014 Australian Open ProAm; which is quickly approaching. Last night to celebrate I went into town with some skiing friends who are here for the event as well. We went to a great Tai place right on the water in downtown Port Macquarie. We had a great view as the sun set and boats came into the port. Below is a picture of the group that went out. From left to right: Jane and Al Limbrick from England, the newlyweds Will and Nicole Asher from England and Canada, myself, my dad Steve, Austin Abel from South Carolina and Carlo Allais from Italy. At the end of dinner Will and Nicole had a nice surprise for me. The waitress brought out a cheesecake with candles on it and everyone starting singing happy birthday. We then walked across the street to a small bar that had a live band. We stayed there for a bit and then called it a night. I had a great birthday and thank you to everyone for all of the birthday wishes!


While we were eating, there were thousands of bats flying in the air. The picture I captured is below.


It has been raining off and on all day today. It is the hardest it has rained since I have been here. This is great since it will fill up the lakes since they are low but I am hoping the storm will be past so we will have sunshine for the tournament.


MasterCraft ProStar 2014 Australian Open ProAm Poster

MasterCraft ProStar 2014 Australian Open ProAm Poster

Today was a rest day for me; besides doing a little yoga session, and then tomorrow the 2014 Australian Open ProAm starts.  There are a about 50 skiers; both professional and amateurs.  Tonight we will have a little welcome and skiers briefing and the drawing of “teams”; 2 amateurs will be teamed up with a pro.  Below is the order of events and a running order for the pros. I will post results from each day to keep everyone around the world updated since there will not be a webcast.

Order of Events:
Amateurs – 1st round
Open Women – 1st round
Open Men – 1st round
Amateurs (1st half have 2nd round)

Open Women – 2nd round
Open Men – 2nd round
Amateurs (2nd half have 2nd round)
Open Women Finals (top 4)
Open Men Finals (top 8)

Running Order
Open Women Slalom Round 1 Starting list
1 Viljoen Robyn RSA
2 Austin Bailey USA
3 Krueger Geena GER
4 Sheers Emma AUS

Open Men Slalom Round 1 Starting list
1 Van Der Merwe Eamon RSA
2 Wing Joel AUS
3 Wilson Brooks USA
4 Vaughan Corey USA
5 Abel Austin USA
6 Howley Joel AUS
7 Sedlmajer Adam CZE
8 Detrick Brian USA
9 Adams Nicholas AUS
10 Allais Carlo ITA
11 Degasperi Thomas ITA
12 Asher William GBR

Brian DetrickMy 25th Bday / 2014 Australian Open ProAm – Australia Update #3