2017 Wiremill Pro Elite Slalom

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Hey World,

The inagural Wiremill Pro Elite Slalom Presented by Saracens Sport Foundation took place today at the Wiremill Water Ski Club in Lingfield, England. 16 of the top Men’s Slalom water skiers showed up with $14,000 on cash prize on the line. After the first round of skiing 12 skiers were going to advance to the finals.


This view looking straight down the lake is from the dinning area at the Wiremill Pub.

It was a tough first round with only two guys running into 10.25m and 11 guys running between four and five @ 10.75m. I found myself in a run off with Jon, Tyler and Nick for three spots. Jon went out first and ran 3@10.75, Tyler 2.5@10.75m, I then ran 3@10.75m and Nick 4@10.75. So Nick Adams, Jon Travers and myself earned a spot in the finals.

After a short 40 minute break, the finals began and Australia’s Nick Adams set the pace as the first skier out running 2@10.25m. I felt in a little better rhythm as I felt I was starting to figure out the gates but had an early fall midway through the course at 11.25m. The scores were better in the finals with 8 guys running into 10.25m. The 5th seed in the finals was Nate Smith and he took the lead running 3@10.25m. A few skiers later, Great Britain’s Will Asher tied Nate with Italy’s Thomas Degasperi left on the dock. TGas ran 2@10.25m going right inside of three and setting up a run off with Smith and Asher. Nate Smith took to the water first running 10.75m and getting a 1/2@10.25 leaving the door open for Asher. Unfortunately Will had a bobble at 3 and 5 and went just inside of 6 ball making Nate Smith the 2017 Wiremill Pro Elite Slalom Champion.

Thank you to the Wiremill Water Ski Club, officials and sponsors for hosting a great event for us. Now we have a day off before the Andy Mapple Pro-Am event starts at JB SKi in Thorpe Park, England. More details to come in a future blog post.

Brian Detrick2017 Wiremill Pro Elite Slalom