2014 Australian Open ProAm Round 1 Results – Australia Update #4

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Hey World!

20140301_133551-1Round 1 of the 2014 Australian Open ProAm is in the books. Despite the adverse weather all day; there was some good skiing. It has been raining majority of the day. I was stoked about my first round. I ran over the top of 3@41off to get a score of 2@41off which put me in 2nd place after the first round. This is actually the first time I have run 39off in a pro tour event so it makes it that much sweeter. I have had many 4.5, 5 and 5.5’s so it feels good to finish one and get that monkey off my back. At times it can be tough to see depending on how bad the rain is. Many skiers chose to wear goggles. I chose not to wear any. I had some rain on my first couple of passes and then it stopped a bit for my 39 and 41. Below are the results from the first round. The 2nd round will be tomorrow morning and then the finals in the afternoon. All the women will advance to the finals and the top 8 men (top 8 scores from either round) will advance to the finals.


It is hard to tell from the picture but it was raining when I took the picture. You can see that it is overcast.

Open Women Slalom
AUS Emma Sheers 4.5@38
GER Geena Krueger 3@38
USA Bailey Austin 1@38
RSA Robyn Viljoen 1.5@28

Open Men Slalom
ITA Thomas Degasperi 3@41
USA Brian Detrick 2@41
AUS Joel Howley 1.5@41
GBR Will Asher 5@39
ITA Carlo Allais 4@39
CZE Adam Sedlmajer 2.5@39
USA Brooks Wilson 5@38
USA Corey Vaughn 4.5@38
AUS Nick Adams 3.5@38
AUS Joel Wing 3.5@38
RSA Eamon Van Der Merwe 3@38
USA Austin Abel 2.5@38

Brian Detrick2014 Australian Open ProAm Round 1 Results – Australia Update #4