2012 Year In Review

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Hey World!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great holiday season!

At my graduation party from college in May of 2011, I had a talk with my aunt and cousin about what I was going to do after college. I told them that my dream would be to water ski and be able to make a living but I knew that would be hard to do so I had been interviewing for a lot of jobs. They told me that I should follow my heart and do what I love. I was very sceptical after the conversation and was leaning towards getting a job and starting a career. Well….to say the least, I did everything but that!

I started off the year in Chile as I represented the United States at the University World Championships where my 5 teammates and I won the GOLD!! This concluded my collegiate water skiing career and I decided to ski as many Pro Water Ski events as I could. I went down to Australia in February/March for the Australian Open & Moomba Masters. I had my first podium finish (3rd) at the Australian Open. In May I headed to Florida for the Last Chance Qualifier for the U.S. Masters,  I went to Georgia to watch the U.S. Masters and I competed in the Atlanta ProAm where I finished 5th. Other events I attended were the Malibu Open in Milwaukee, Soaked in Orlando, Calgary Pro Shootout in Canada, Diablo Shores ProAm in California, Nationals in Florida and tournaments in Indiana and North Carolina.

2012 Skiing Highlights
Set a new personal best of 1.5@41off
Drove a Girls 3 Western Region Slalom Record (Makayla Haw – 3@38off)
Moved up to 27th on the World Ranking List.
Top score in the preliminary round at Calgary Pro Shootout – 5@39
3rd @ Australian Open
5th @ Atlanta ProAm
7th @ Calgary Pro Shootout

I was also busy coaching throughout the summer. I coached a handful of clinics in Northern California and I coached 4 Junior Development Clinics in the Sacramento Region and in Bakersfield – Central California. It is very rewarding being a coach and seeing people improve, seeing the smiles on their faces and the seeing how many people have passion for the wonderful sport we all love!

Throughout my travels, I always remember that it is always about the journey and not the destination (next place to ski). I was fortunate to tour many of the cities and countries I visited. I posted a lot of blogs and made a lot of videos this year of the places I saw so make sure to click on the links earlier in this post and/or check out my posts throughout 2012 on my website.

I was also able to do a lot of fun things outside of skiing. I went to a Miami Heat Playoff Game, San Francisco 49ers Game, #1 Notre Dame vs USC, Disneyland, I went to El Salvador to visit my hometown’s sister city, I learned how to surf and best of all…I was able to meet a lot of great people from around the world!!

When I look back at 2012, I am glad I listened to my aunt and my cousin about following my heart and doing what I love; skiing and coaching. My cousin is no longer with us but I know he is looking down on me with his big smile saying I told you so!

2012 was a great year where I experienced a lot and grew a lot as a person. I am looking forward to what 2013 has in store!

I hope to see you all on or off the water soon!

Brian Detrick2012 Year In Review