Touring Downtown Milwaukee- Malibu Open Day #2

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20120802-155958.jpg Last night I pick up Tyler Yager from the airport and we stayed at the Lorenz residence in Oconomowoc; which is 45min from downtown Milwaukee. They have a beautiful home on a public lake. They took me out on their pontoon boat where we swam in the middle of the lake and hung out on the boat.

20120802-154534.jpg Today, Tyler and I headed downtown to see what Milwaukee has to offer. We went to a small art museum on the campus of Marquette University then we found the popular Milwaukee Art Museum that is a tourist attraction. We were skeptical on how much it was going to cost. As we walked in, we saw a sign that said, Free First Thursday. Normally admission is $60 per person, but thanks to Target sponsoring free first Thursday, we were able to walk through the enormous museum for FREE!!!




20120802-155256.jpg Before we knew it, it was lunch time and we were told to go to Mo’s Irish Pub. They had some awesome food on the menu which made it hard to decided what I was going to have. I decided to have a Southwest Shrimp Chopped Salad. It was one of the best salads I have had in a while. It was unbelievable how much flavor and spice the shrimp.

We then went back to the hotel room to relax and watch some of the Olympics. We also went to the site for an athletes meeting. Check out some of the pictures.



For dinner we met up with Waterski Mag’s Todd Ristorcelli, well known water sports photographer Bill Doster and fellow Cali skiers Terry Winter and Brian Kinney.

Remember to watch the LIVE webcast tomorrow and Saturday –

Brian DetrickTouring Downtown Milwaukee- Malibu Open Day #2