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This past weekend I had the opportunity to work the Sacramento Boat Show for one of my sponsors, Mello Marine, who is a Centurion Boats Dealer. Thursday and Friday started off a little slow but it was packed for the weekend! People from all over the world attended. I met a family from Australia, on a Northern California vacation, and they heard about the show so they stopped by to check it out. Mello Marine didn’t have a Carbon Pro on the floor but they had 5 of their wakeboard and wake surf boats from Centurion’s Enzo series.

Brian Detrick, Taylor Dorey & Sean Cummings - photo credit: Andy Guillinta

Before this weekend, I didn’t know a lot about wakeboard or wake surf boats. I knew they rode deeper, most had a few tanks/bags to make the wake as big as possible and you can fit 10-12 people in most of them. Bret Potts, Centurion’s USA West and Canada Manager, was helping out at the event as well and he was able to bring me up to speed and teach me about the different boats in the Enzo series. Out of the 5 boats that were on the floor, my favorite was the newly released Enzo FX22. This boat was designed for people who want be able to wakeboard and wake surf. There are 5+ tanks; you don’t use them all at the same time, there are specific tanks you fill up for wakeboarding and specific tanks for wake surfing. This boat has the Hammerhead Bow making the bow spacious and comfortable in the front!

Brian Detrick & Taylor Dorey - photo credit: Andy Guillinta

While at the show, I had the opportunity to hang out with athletes from other industries. One being Taylor Dorey, a Mello Marine and Centurion sponsored wake surfer, who also is a 3 event skier. Her dad Brent was a long time skier who lived at Bel Acqua Lakes, in Sacramento, for many years and he use to build jump skis. Brent is now involved a lot with wake surfing and is enjoying being on the water taking on a new challenge. I also had the opportunity to meet a handful of Centurion’s other sponsored wake surfers, Sean Cummings and Vanessa Gonzalez. Sean owns Wake Shredder, an apparel company and supporter of the wake surfing industry.

Taylor Dorey, Sean Cummings & Brian Detrick - photo credit: Andy Guillinta

I was able to see a handful of the junior skiers I coached last summer as well. One being Connor Aguilar, 16 year old disabled water skier, who is training for the Disabled World Championships in Italy in August. Connor is a phenomenal trick skier. He is going for the world record this year and I have been working with him on his slalom skiing so he can help Team USA pick up more points.


During the show, I spent some time at the Water Ski World booth where they were selling HO Skis and the new Syndicate A3. I assisted owner, Pat Kennelly, and HO Rep, Joe Sassenrath, push HO Sports product to water sports enthusiasts. Besides HO’s new Syndicate A3, I am excited about their new junior ski, the 62 inch Slash.  If you are looking for a ski for your young one, keep this ski in mind! It is a smaller version of the Syndicate A3.

Overall, it was a great experience to represent my sponsors, meet new people in the water sports industry, and help sell boats/equipment. Mello Marine was able to sell at least 3 boats and I know a lot of HO skis and products was sold as well.

Photo Credit: Andy Guillinta – Photo 2, 3 & 4.

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