NBN Channel 9 News’ 20min Show of the 2012 Australian Open

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Hey World!

NBN Channel 9 News in New South Wales, Australia did the live webcast of the MasterCraft-Headzone Australian Open 2012. 10 days ago they aired a 30 min show from the event and it is now on the web. This version doesn’t have commercials so it is a little shorter now. You can see me skiing starting at minute 10:17. This is the first time I watched the video from the event…I still can’t believe I lost the handle out the gates. You win some and you lose some. It’s all about the journey and Australia was an amazing experience! Keep an eye out for my next post – site seeing in Australia.

I personally believe this is what needs to happen with all of our events. There needs to be a highlight put together that shows the top performances, the atmosphere/crowds at the events and it is another way to give sponsors more exposure. By putting it on YouTube you are able to give sponsors an exact number of how many people viewed the product. Hope event organizers will think about incorporating this into their events. One of my goals is to host a pro tour event within the next 3 years! If I do, this will definitely be done!

Brian DetrickNBN Channel 9 News’ 20min Show of the 2012 Australian Open