Milwaukee Bound – Malibu Open Day #1

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Hey World!

My trip to Milwaukee started very early yesterday morning. I was up at 3:30am and was at the airport by 5am for my 6:03am flight. A big thanks to my Dad for getting up early and taking me. When I arrived, there was over 100 people in the check in line. I was smart enough to check in the day before and I was able to get in a line that had 5 people in it since it was for checking baggage only. After checking my bags, I took the escalator upstairs to get to the security line where I was overwhelmed with seeing over 200 people in line. The rewards of flying a lot, I have become a delta skymiles partner and I was able to bypass this long line as well and get in a line that only had 2 people in it. Most people would have missed their flight waiting in those long lines but I was fortunate enough to get through quickly!!! I am starting to feel like I am becoming an expert flier!!

I wasn’t looking forward to these long flights since my mid back has been bothering me from the crash and that 2 ball I was able to hang onto at regionals. The last few days I took it easy and was able to get in to see my massage therapist and my physical therapist; both were able to help speed up the recover of the muscles. My massage therapist thinks I might have a little tear in my trap muscle where it connects in my mid back. If it wasn’t for these big events coming up, Malibu Open, Nationals, and Calgary Pro Water Ski Shootout, I would be taking some time off to fully recover. I will just need to be smart by taking care of it with ice and heat and I will be skiing less so I can feel closer to 100% in the tournaments. The back is feeling ok after the 2 flights. I should be feeling good by the time I ski on Friday.

Today I plan to tour Milwaukee and or the surrounding areas and at night we will be having an athlete and officials meeting at the site. I will post pictures of the venue. Reminder, don’t forget to watch the live webcast

Brian DetrickMilwaukee Bound – Malibu Open Day #1