Malibu Open Preliminary Results -Malibu Open Day #3

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Hey World!

What a day!!! We had some awesome skiing today at the 2012 Malibu Open at Veterans Park in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Women slalom started the event at 7:45am and quickly Manon Costard ran 2@39 to take the lead and put the pressure on the rest of the field. Whitney McClintock ran 3@39, fellow HO skier Karina Nowlan ran 2.5@39, Regina Jaquess ran 1.5@39.

Open Men Slalom followed as K.C. Wilson skied right before me where he was the first skier to run 39. He ended up with a .5@41. I felt great out there and got a little anxious at 5 ball at 39. I ended up with 4.5@39 and found myself playing the waiting game to see If I would make it in the top 12 to advance. Shockingly, neither K.C. Nor I advanced. Chris Parrish had the top score of 4@41, Thomas Degasperi ran 3@41, Will Asher 2.5@41 and 8 guys tied with 2@41. Terry Winter and Tom Brantley tied with 1@41 and they had a runoff for the last and final spot and Terry won the runoff and clinched the 12th spot. It was unbelievable to see so many guys run 39. I was told this was the highest cut line in a long time. A total of 14 guys ran 39, Adam Sedlmajer ran 5@39 and I ran 4.5@39 so there was a ton of great skiing. It’s awesome to see so much competition but better if I’m on the side that advanced.

For jump, they had a very strong boat and unfortunately we saw some crashes by 2 of the top women slalom skiers who advanced, Manon And Whitney. Whitney seemed to be ok but Manon was in a lot of pain afterwords. I hope they will be able to slalom tomorrow. Brian Kinney also took an awful crash in the men’s jump. Ryan Dodd looked really good as he jumped 217ft and I believe he had the farthest jump of the day.

I am off to the Water Ski Magazine Banquet which is also sponsored by HO Sports.

For those who watched the webcast today, I hope you guys enjoyed it!!!

Brian DetrickMalibu Open Preliminary Results -Malibu Open Day #3