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Hey World!

There are some exciting things going on with my sponsor, Centurion Boats. Centurion’s #1 goal this year was to qualify to be an official tow boat for the U.S. Nationals. They have accomplished that goal by qualifying to pull all 5 Regional Championships.  Centurion is now an official tow boat for the 2013 Goode USA Water Ski National Championships. The Centurion Carbon Pro will be pulling the following slalom events: G1, G2, W5, M4 and MM  and it will pull the following jump events: B2, W3, M4 and OM.

At the beginning of summer, Centurion released a new program, the “Carbon Pro Personal Best Challenge”. People of all ages and abilities throughout the country and even internationally, have been setting personal bests behind the Carbon Pro. 9 out of 12 Girls 2 slalom skiers ran their personal best behind the Carbon Pro in the Western Regional Championships. See below to find out more about the challenge.

Centurion, GOODE and Masterline USA will sponsor the Centurion Boats/GOODE Dual Boats Slalom Swerve which will take place at Nationals on Saturday August 17th with competitors from M3, M4, M5 and MM. See below for more details.

We will have a Centurion booth at Nationals. Make sure to stop by to say hello, check out the Carbon Pro and hang out with me and the other Centurion athletes. We are looking for more people who are interested in being on the Promo Team for 2014 as well! If you are interested, email Paul Crawford – swagsales@citlink.net

See you all at Nationals!


Carbon Pro Personal Best Challenge


With the success of the Centurion Carbon Pro and all of the personal best scores we keep hearing about it just seemed appropriate to let the world know how great the Carbon Pro skis.

It’s this simple: ski a personal best score in slalom, trick, or jump behind a Carbon Pro and fill out the PB-bio located on the Centurion web site. This can be at any INT, Collegiate, or USA Water Ski event, heck it can even be an unsanctioned tournament. It just needs to be a tournament, not practice. If we counted practice scores we’d go broke shipping T-Shirts.

We just want a photo and what, where, when, etc… We will place your image on the PB post on our site and send you a Carbon Pro Personal Best T-Shirt so you can help spread the Carbon Pro word.


Centurion Boats/Goode Dual Boats Slalom Swerve


Centurion is proud to present a new and exciting event as the “show stopper” at the USA Goode Water Ski Nationals this August. Some of the top skiers in the Nation will compete side by side, simultaneously through two slalom courses competing for cash and prizes. The event will be pulled exclusively by Centurion Carbon Pros. Competition starts Saturday, August 17th, immediately following the last Nationals ride. “I have actually skied once in this type of format and it is so fun for both skier and spectator alike” says Paul Crawford of Centurion Boats. “We are proud to be able to bring this exciting brand of competition to the Nation in our first year back as an official Nationals tow boat”. The top-four finishers from the Nationals in the Men 3, Men 4, Men 5 and Masters Men slalom divisions will participate in this competition. First-place wins a GOODE ski; second place wins $600; and third place wins $400. If one of the top-four finishers cannot participate, the next-place finisher will be invited to participate. The event will take place Saturday, August 17th, at approximately 4 p.m. (at the conclusion of the day’s events) on the Main (North-South) Slalom Lake.


Brian DetrickExciting News About Centurion Boats