Brian Detrick Joins The ProAnox Systems Inc. Team

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Hey World!

I am excited to announce my sponsorship with ProAnox Systems Inc. otherwise known as ProAnox. ¬†ProAnox offers great supplement products that help with recovery. Their motto is: “Train harder. Last longer. Recover faster. Do it again.” There products work great for me since there are many aspects of my training. I train for skiing on the water, strength train in the gym and do different types of cardio training. I put my body through a lot of stress and the ProAnox BioGenesis product enables me to get stronger in a shorter period of time since my body is able to recover quicker which in the end; enables me to train more and have more productive training sessions.

Within the next week or so, you will be able to purchase this product through my website. Keep an eye out for the banner ad. As professional athletes, we always have to worry about making sure every supplement we take is “legal” and I don’t have to worry about anything with ProAnox products since they are NSF Sports Certified.


Brian DetrickBrian Detrick Joins The ProAnox Systems Inc. Team