2014 Disabled Western Regional Water Ski Championships

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aaThis past weekend the 2014 Disabled Western Regional Water Ski Championships took place at Shortline Lake in Elk Grove, California. This was the 25th time this event was held at Shortline Lake; the first was in 1989.  Shortline Lake will be the site for the 2015 Disabled Water Ski World Championships. The Centurion Carbon Pro was the official boat used for the clinic and regional championships. The skier’s clinic took place on Friday where many people took to the water for the first time. 2013 USA Disabled Team Coach; Matt Oberholtz, was in the boat all day coaching the first timers as well as returning veterans; some who were members of the USA Team that won the gold at the 2013 Worlds in Italy. Team USA has won gold at worlds the last 3 years in a row and they became the first country to ever 3-peat.


The Regional Tournament was on Saturday and they started off with the Novice Division. Skiers who just learned on Friday and some returning skiers had the opportunity to compete in this Classs F portion of the tournament. They were scored based on how many times they crossed the wakes in an allotted time. It was an intense battle for first and second with only 1 wake crossing separating them. The new comer Clara Valdes edged out Beth Jones for the title in the Novice division. Top 3: Clara Valdes, Beth Jones and Ysa Ison.


It was now time for the Class C portion. Over the last few years, I have been coaching, Connor Aguilar-Poggetto, a 16 year old up and comer is the sport who was the youngest member on the 2013 USA Team. I was looking forward to seeing Connor ski since he has been putting in a lot of time on the water this year not only for 3 event water skiing but in wakeboarding as well. On a side note, Connor took 1st place earlier this year in the Inagural Adaptive Division at the Wake Games in Orlando, Florida. Connor ran a personal best the first round running 1@23mph and in the second round he increased his pb to 3@23mph. Connor was excited to stand up his 2nd round trick run which gave him the overall title.


IMG_16847661721410World Champion and World Record holder Jessica Radmilovic also ran a personal best in the first round of 4@23mph. This would have been a pending world record if it was a record tournament. I wish it was a record because I was her driver and it would have been sweet to have driven a World Record. Both Connor and Jess stepped up in this big event and took the Carbon Pro Personal Best Challenge by running their personal best behind the Centurion Carbon Pro. Scott Leason; a visually impaired skier, ran 4.5 @ 32mph both rounds. Scott has only been skiing for a few years and continues to improve despite being an older gentleman. He is determined to run maximum speed at this year’s Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia.

It is not every day that you get these three men on the same dock or  in the same room anymore, so it was an honor to have all of them at the event. Pictured from left to right are: Steve Hornsey, Matt Oberholtz and Royce Andes. Steve and Matt have been the backbone of disabled water skiing on the west coast and were the top skiers in the world in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Royce is a legend in the sport as he brought disabled water skiing to the USA and he invented the cage that the skiers sit in as well as the Kan ski. He is the pioneer for USA Disabled Water Skiing.

2014-06-24 08.18.04


This was another great event and I was glad I was able to help drive, judge and coach again this year. There is always a great group of people who participate and help out with these events and I am looking forward to having the World Championships here next year!

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Hard Day Night “NIGHTRIDER” Tournament

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This past weekend I had the opportunity to ski in a very unique event. It was the Hard Day Night Tournament at Redwood Shores. At a quick glance in the regional guide it looked like a normal 2 round slalom class C tournament; but there was a twist. There was also a class F night tournament. Centurion Boats and Omniglow Glow Sticks sponsored the night event. This event was orchestrated by Tony Ambrose, the developer of Redwood Shores.


10367177_10203342835883514_1234639618806066484_nA 2014 Centurion Carbon Pro with the added exterior LED light package was used as the official boat and Omniglow helped light the buoys. I have been to my fair share of Pro Tour and Big Dawg night events, and these buoys were just as bright if not brighter than any I have seen before.



10389276_10203342852243923_162151237928418249_nThe event kicked off around 8:50pm where there was still a little light for the first couple of skiers but it quickly got dark. The rules for the event were: 4 pass max, if you fell on your first pass you received a mulligan and they were recommending you go 2mph slower than you usually do. The juniors were out first and they were impressive! Most of them ran two to three passes and some almost ran their fourth. I went out at 35mph 32off and went up the line. I ran all four of my passes as I ran 39off. I had a blast skiing in the dark. I think every skier needs to experience skiing in the dark at least once!! We were fortunate to have a few photographers present who were able to capture awesome photos from the boat and the shores (see more pictures below by Holly Daley and Suzanne Schroeder). Stadium nor construction lights were used. It was pitch black and the only lights at the lake were from the buoys and the boat. I think our sport and tournament organizers should incorporate more fun events likes this for skiers of all levels.


20140531_224423140164491305414016448921322014-06-02 11.49.3810364062_10203335585502259_8615834356599073238_n10373699_10203335591342405_6940698543266837692_n10269464_10203342858524080_7324863733817498711_n10339624_10203342853203947_2802854495702827269_n

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Los Angeles, CA – May 15, 2014 – IVC Global Management announced today that they have signed World-Class, professional water skier Brian Detrick. Detrick, a California native, competes in the slalom water skiing discipline and is currently ranked 8th in the world.

For an astonishing 15 years, Detrick has held the longest male national record in the American Water Ski Association (“AWSA”). As of March 2014, Detrick was ranked 8th on the Elite Skiers World Ranking List and to begin the 2014 season, Detrick has already placed 2nd at the Australian Open and 3rd at the Moomba Masters (Australia). Brian hopes to continue his successful 2014 campaign this weekend as he competes in the Last Chance Qualifier for the Masters in Groveland, Florida from May 16 – 18.

In addition to his most recent accomplishments, Detrick has found success throughout his career. For example, in 2012 Detrick was selected to be a member of the United States University Water Ski Team that won the gold medal at the FISU University World Water Ski Championships held in Santiago, Chile. Detrick is also a former AWSA Regional and National Champion. Additionally, he is a former Collegiate Regional and National All-Star Champion, Collegiate All American, and 2009 National Collegiate Water Ski Association’s Male Leader of the Year.

In support of the partnership, Detrick declared, “I’m excited to partner with IVC Global Management. Their expertise in sports marketing will allow me to take my marketing, branding and business management to the next level.”

Brian Detrick’s passion for the sport runs deep. Detrick grew up in Elk Grove, California, where he fell in love with the world of water skiing. At the tender age of four, Detrick became the youngest skier to ever compete at the Western Regional Championship. Detrick continued to hone his skills in college at Saint Mary’s College of California where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology Sport & Recreation Management and a minor in Business Administration.

Brian has a full calendar of competitions over the summer of 2014 and looks to continue his assault on the world rankings. For more information on Brian Detrick, visit www.briandetrick.com. Also follow Brian on:

• Twitter: @Brian_Detrick
• Instagram: @Brian_Detrick
• FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Brian-Detrick/147636551968221

IVC Global is a talent management company that specializes in the marketing, branding and day-to-day operations oversight of professional athletes, entertainers and brands. For more information, visit www.ivcmanagement.com.

Media Contact:
IVC Global Management
P: (213) 792-2658
F: (310) 775-4007

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Liquid Image Video and Last Chance Qualifier for the U.S. Masters

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Since Australia, I have been training for the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) for the U.S. Masters, the U.S. Masters and the Malibu ProAm in Atlanta. I just took my last set before I leave for Orlando tomorrow morning. I am excited about LCQ and looking forward to the opportunity to qualify for my 1st U.S. Masters. Below is a short edit that my sponsor, Liquid Image, put together of me using their Ego Camera.

Below is the Slalom running orders for the Last Chance Qualifier on Friday at Jack Travers Ski School, Sunset Lakes, in Groveland, Fl.

Slalom – Friday
OW Ambre Franc
OW Jutta Lammi
OW Giannina Bonneman
OW Natalia Berdnikava
OW Rhoni Bischoff
OW Taryn Grant
OW Marion Mathieu
OW Nicole Arthur
OW Karina Nowlan
OW Claire Lise Welter
OW Geena Krueger
OW Clem Lucine
OW Manon Costard
OW Whitney McClintock

OM Bojan Schipner
OM Igor Morozov
OM Alex King
OM Rodrigo Miranda
OM Mike Morgan
OM Claudio Koestenberger
OM Brooks Wilson
OM Martin Kolman
OM Benjamin Stadubaur
OM Tom Brantley
OM Jaret Bull
OM Thibaut Dailland
OM Austin Abel
OM KC Wilson
OM Martin Bartalsky
OM Joel Howley
OM Brian Detrick
OM Adam Sedlmajer
OM Stephen Neveu
OM Freddie Winter
OM Jonathan Travers

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3rd Place at Moomba Masters / Moomba Masters Recap – Australia Update #7

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The 2014 Moomba Masters is in the books! A few words that come to mind when I look back on the event are: spectacular, one of a kind, memorable and another milestone reached.

2014 Moomba Masters Crowd

2014 Moomba Masters Crowd

2014 Moomba Masters looking at Melbourne from the Swan Street Bridge

2014 Moomba Masters looking at Melbourne from the Swan Street Bridge

Look of the Moomba Masters course from the Melbourne City end. Skier - Breanne Dodd

Look of the Moomba Masters course from the Melbourne City end. Skier – Breanne Dodd

For me, it all started on Saturday for the Men’s Slalom Prelims. There were 26 skiers and the field was being cut to 15. I felt confident going into the round but was still a little nervous about skiing on the Yarra River. It was only my second time skiing on the Yarra so I still wasn’t too sure what to expect. I knew I needed to run 35off to advance. I came into the course under the Swan Street Bridge and all I could see was a lot of rollers at the 55’s where I needed to pull out. I decided to pull out for my gate earlier than usual to try to avoid them but I wasn’t able to get up on the boat, I had no speed and I was narrow. I headed in towards the gate and going into one, I thought I was way too close for comfort to the right hand gate ball and feared that I may have missed my gates. I skied 32off very tentatively trying to feel out the river. I got through the course to the city end and saw the boat shorten the line. This told me that I made my gates which was a huge relief. Coming back from the city end at 35off, I was still skiing cautiously, but I was able to run the pass even with a few bobbles and the ski stalling at 5 and pulling all the way to 6. I knew I was in the finals and felt that I knew how the river was skiing. I ran 38 which was my best pass so far. I felt like I was skiing and was ready to attack 39. I had an ok start and ended up with 2 ½ @ 39. This put me in the middle of the pack as the 7th seed in the semi finals. Nate Smith had the top score of 3@41 followed by Chris Parrish 2@41 and Thomas Degasperi 0@41off.


Brian Detrick – 2014 Moomba Masters Men’s Slalom Prelims
Photo by Wearhehobo

2014 Moomba Masters

2014 Moomba Masters

Going into the semi-finals on Sunday, my dad said that I skied way to tentative in the prelims and that I needed to just go out and ski and not think about the river. I was ready to take his advance and ski! I felt ready to go in the semi-finals and as I stood on the dock, I knew I needed a minimum of 2 ½@39off to advance to the finals. I felt way better this set and I was skiing and not worrying about falling. 32, 35 and 38 felt really good. The way I was skiing, I felt like I could run 39 on the Yarra River. I came into the course at 39, from the city end where I have been struggling with my gates. Previous passes from that end I was over shooting the gate and could not get a good start. Unfortunately, this 39 wasn’t different. I over shot the gate and had a lot of speed into 1 ball. I knew I only needed 2 ½ buoys to advance so I no longer had a goal to run the pass, I just wanted to make sure I made it into the finals. With the excess speed into 1 ball, I was very patient to make sure I stayed on top of my ski. I knew I just needed to get to 2 ball, my on side turn, and I could get to 3. I got to 2 and turned 2 on the tail and pulled to 3 where I got the ski around it and “S turn” for a full 3@39off and a ticket into the finals. 8 advanced to the finals and I was the 6th seed. Thomas Degasperi had the top score of 1@41off followed by Will Asher, Chris Parrish, Aaron Larkin and Nick Adams all with 4@39off.


Brian Detrick’s skier bib and ski for 2014 Moomba Masters

It was MOOMBA MONDAY and I was thrilled to be skiing in the finals! I was the 3rd skier off the dock so I felt I was in a good position to put up a good score and let the rest of the field catch it. As I watched the women slalom finals before I skied, I was definitely a lot more nervous than the previous 2 days. I had butterflies in my stomach and my body just felt different. I tried to remind myself that it was just another ski ride and lets go out and have some fun. This was the biggest final I have ever been in; in my young career. My nervousness changed though as I went down to the dock and started my warm up routine. Once I got into my routine the nerves went away and I was able to get in the zone and ski like the previous rounds. 4.5@38off, by Adam Sedlmajer, was in the lead as I took the water. I came under the Swan Street bridge at 32off and was excited to be skiing in the finals in front of the large Moomba crowd; 200,000+ spectators over the weekend. I had a pretty good opening pass. I was going a little hard out of the buoy, I think because I was a little amped, but I told myself to just relax. I overshot the gate just a bit at 35 but it was probably my best gate so far from the city end. 38off was a great pass and I was feeling dialed and confident going into 39. I found myself back at the city end waiting to come in at 39off. I was determined to get a good gate since I still hadn’t had a great gate from the city end. The current was flowing and I barely pulled out at 39 for my gate. I thought I was in the right spot as I rolled in for the gate but it felt like I was heading down course still instead of across course. I had more speed than I wanted at 1 ball. I knew it was good enough to get down the course though. I pulled to 2 and had a big turn; probably too big. I got pulled up a bit and a little separated through the wakes into 3; which caused me to be a bit narrow. I felt that I was still in a position to turn 3 ball, head to 4 and be in a position to run the pass. This was until I found myself on the front of the ski at the finish of 3 ball. I quickly rocked back a bit to stand up on the ski so I could get a full 3 buoys. I didn’t think it was going to be a big hit until the rope got tight quicker than I expected and I was pulled over the ski fully stretched out 2 feet above the water doing the superman with my ski 3 feet behind me. Below is an awesome picture by Toby Daff right after I released from the ski. Towards the end of last year, I decided that I needed to start being smarter about not taking big hits or falls but I knew that it was the finals and I had to put the body on the line to get the best score possible. As I sat in the water, I was pleased with my performance but I didn’t think it would be enough to hold up with 5 guys still to ski.


Andy Mapple, Nate Smith and Brian Detrick

As I looked up to shore and saw the banks lined with thousands of people, the tiny boat came and picked me up. I was surprised to see Andy Mapple and Nate Smith in the tiny. It was a pretty cool experience to have both of them, who were knocked out in the semi-finals, pick me up and talk to me about my set and how incredible it is to ski in the finals on Moomba Monday in front of this enormous crowd. A huge smile was brought to my face when Andy said

Andy Mapple and Nate Smith congratulating Brian Detrick after a great finals run at the 2014 Moomba Masters

Andy Mapple and Nate Smith congratulating Brian Detrick after a great finals run at the 2014 Moomba Masters

something along the lines of…[That was great skiing in the finals. Awesome weekend of skiing. Congrats!] For those of you that don’t know, Andy Mapple dominated Men’s Slalom skiing in the late 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s and he is someone who all slalom water skiers; both young and old, looked up to. I believe Andy is a 13 time Moomba Masters Champion. He retired about 8 years ago but has been asked to ski in the last 2 Moomba Masters events. This was the first time I skied against Andy so I had to get a picture with one of my idols. And Nate Smith is a good friend of mine and he is the current Men’s Slalom World Champion and World Record holder.

Brian Detrick and Andy Mapple

Brian Detrick and Andy Mapple

Brian Detrick signing autographs at the 2014 Moomba Masters

Brian Detrick signing autographs at the 2014 Moomba Masters

As I was brought back to shore, I had people, both young and old, coming up wanting an autograph and/or to take a picture with me. I signed shirts, brochures and even body parts (all appropriate). I remember how cool it was for me when I was a kid and was able to have a pro skier (at the Malibu Open in Sacramento, CA,) sign a shirt, bib or poster for me or take a picture with me; so I wanted to take the opportunity to give back and make a memory for others to always remember.

Brian Detrick taking a picture with young fans after the finals of the 2014 Moomba Masters

Brian Detrick taking a picture with young fans after the finals of the 2014 Moomba Masters

Brian Detrick with Centurion Boats Victoria dealers

Brian Detrick with Centurion Boats Victoria dealers at 2014 Moomba Masters

Brian Detrick and his dad after his ride in the finals of the 2014 Moomba Masters

Brian Detrick and his dad after his ride in the finals of the 2014 Moomba Masters

Robyn Viljoen, Brian Detrick and Bailey Austin. 2014 Moomba Masters

Robyn Viljoen, Brian Detrick and Bailey Austin. 2014 Moomba Masters

It was now a waiting game with 5 skiers on the dock; Nick Adams, Aaron Larkin, Will Asher, Chris Parrish and Thomas Degasperi. Nick had an early fall at 38, Larkin tied me with 2.5@39, Asher fell a 1 ball at 39 and Parrish missed his gates at 35. Just like the previous weekend at the Australian Open ProAm, I found myself in a tie for 1st place with the same last skier on the dock, Thomas Degasperi. I walked back down to the starting dock to get ready for a potential run off depending on what Thomas did. I was on the dock watching Thomas come in from the city end at 39off. He needed a full 3 for the win and he did just that as he “S turned” 3 ball to become the 2014 Moomba Masters Champion. I tied for 2nd place with Aaron Larkin but since he had a higher seed coming into the finals, he got 2nd and I finished in 3rd Place.

2014 Moomba Masters Men Slalom Podium 3rd - Aaron Larkin NZ 1st - Thomas Degasperi ITA  2nd - Brian Detrick USA Photo by Des Burke-Kennedy

2014 Moomba Masters Men Slalom Podium
3rd – Aaron Larkin NZL 1st – Thomas Degasperi ITA 2nd – Brian Detrick USA
Photo by Des Burke-Kennedy

2014 Moomba Masters Men's Slalom Results

2014 Moomba Masters Men’s Slalom Results

I was ecstatic about my 3rd place finish at the 2014 Moomba Masters but there was still a small feeling of aaahhhhhh (I can’t think of a word to describe the feeling) since I was so close to first place once again. Nevertheless, I had just made the podium at back to back events! Talking to a few veteran skiers after the event, many of them believe that Moomba Masters is the biggest event of the year. Larkin even said that the finals was the worst conditions he has ever skied in at Moomba and he has skied in 13 Moomba Masters and made the finals in 10 of them. This made my 3rd place finish feel even better! I will leave you with this fabulous photo from the start of Night Jump Finals on Moomba Monday.


2014 Moomba Masters – Right Before the Start of Monday’s Night Jump Finals. Photo by Geena Krueger



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